Ten Things a Road Cyclist Cannot Live Without


There are many things that a road cyclist absolutely cannot live without, including their bicycles, high determination, and a couple bottles of water.  By properly preparing oneself for a great ride depends on what you have in your, what I would call a go-to-box.  In your box, there will be items in which you can go to in regards of making your ride go a lot smoother and fun for you!  Yes, sure you can jump on your bicycle and take off down the highway, but having certain items to accompany you either out on the highway or when you get home will make you as a serious road cyclist, enjoy what you’re doing to a more pleasant extreme.  Today, we are going to be discussing the ten things that a road cyclist absolutely cannot live without!

1. Road Cyclist Training Log

A lot of road cyclists will keep a daily or weekly journal of all the rides that they have taken, how long each ride was and so on.  By keeping a training log, this will ensure that you as a road cyclist are taking the correct steps in your exercise journey.  It also helps you to remember what you are doing day to day or even week to week, if there needs to be any improvements and so on.

2. Eyewear

I think this is unquestionably essential when it comes to a serious road cyclist.  Nine times out of ten, most all road cyclists will be wearing some type of eye wear.  Why would this be necessary for road cyclists?  Well, keep in mind that when you’re out on the highway riding, it sometimes can get messy with bugs blowing back in your face and eyes.

A lot of road cyclists will wear protective eyewear to keep the sun out of their eyes and let’s admit it, some road cyclists just want to look awesome and there’s nothing wrong with that.  You must remember that in order to have a great workout as a road cyclist, you will always need to have the right gear.  By wearing eyewear while you’re out on the highway, you will not have to worry about the bright sun getting in your eyes, which will make out for a wonderful and quite the peaceful ride.

3. Running Shoes

This is quite crucial as a road cyclist to have when you’re out riding because having the right shoes for your ride will once again, ensure you that the ride will go smoothly.  If you, as a female road cyclist do not have the right kind of athletic shoes, then you will only be putting yourself up for a horrible and uncomfortable ride.  You will need the type of running shoes that offer out mesh comfort, very lightweight and durable enough to handle concrete terrain.  Here is a link that you can check out for the appropriate kind of running shoes you will need as a serious, female road cyclist, best running shoes for women.

4. Getting Yourself Together

What I mean when I say, get yourself together is to make sure that you are a together person, do not have a lot of extra stressors in your life, and make sure that you are aware of all the road signals and how to properly use them.  What could be more important for a great ride than having yourself?  If you are distracted by all of life’s struggles, how do you think you’re going to face the highway as a female road cyclist?  That’s right, it’s probably not going to go very well for you if you leave out with a foggy mind.  A lot of people do not think that having a lot of tension in life would cause you not to be on your game as a road cyclist, but it can and will!  Always make sure that you have yourself properly put together in mind and emotion before you tackle the highway on a bicycle.

5. Relating to Your Inner Voice

Understanding your inner voice when it comes time to ride is vital as a female road cyclist.  You must be able to listen to your mind and body whenever it’s telling you that you’re not feeling well for a certain day or not.  It’s not a law that you must ride out on the highway every single day.  Remember, if your body isn’t feeling well on a particular day, let yourself rest and always listen to that inner voice of reason because it’s definitely there for a precise reason.

6. Gels, Shots, And Even Blocks

An obsession with gels is the product of the masochistic character type of a road cyclist. Sure, you could perhaps make something that’s not so processed, and that tastes a lot better in your own kitchen, but having a gel is a coming-of-age experience when out on a training ride. Like learning how to like olives, being able to consume a gel without gagging/vomiting is a rite of passage that must be completed and most road cyclists have this behavioral pattern down to pat.

7. Lycra

Without it, where would we be? Slow Town, that’s where. Because wearing skin-tight clothing is necessary for shaving valuable seconds off your ride, no matter how long that ride is. A three-mile commute is long enough to make a saving, right?  Lycra also means you’re forced to examine your body every day, allowing you to gaze affectionately, at your gigantic thighs.

8. Chamois Cream

When you tell a non-road-cyclist that you apply slimly lubricant to your nether-area before heading out for a ride, they often look shocked, appalled, and scared for your mental health.  They just can’t fathom how valuable it is to the discerning roadie. You’d have welts the size of a Tunnock’s teacake without it.  This is definitely one product/item that all, not just female cyclists, but all cyclists will usually have in their bags!

9. Cycling Caps

Who would think that a piece of cotton could be so darn beneficial?  Let’s face it, you’re not a true road cyclist unless you have a collection of cycling caps, perhaps arranged in your cupboard according to preferred color and tautness of elastic.

10. Electronic Weight Scales

Scales are necessary for any road cyclist to weigh out the classy carbon gear they’ve just purchased.  Electronic weight scales are very important to cyclists because it literally weighs out what you are packing with you as you travel, take a casual ride and so on.