How to Select the Perfect Road Bike Gear


What a lot of women do not understand before buying a bicycle and taking off riding is that selecting the right road bike gear can essentially determine how far your ride in comfort and luxury.  By electing the appropriate gear, you are fully taking care of how you ride, and essentially you are taking care of your body because if one doesn’t have the correct bike gear, the overall ride could turn out to be very dangerous for you.  As a female cyclist, you must remember that you are sharing the highway with motorcar operators and not all of them think that sharing the highway with a cyclist is proper.  They may try and run into you or even run you down, you just never know.  So, by having the right road bicycle gear, you are gearing up for safety and confidence that you as a female cyclist can handle the roadways on your bike.

Choosing A Chain Set

Keep in mind that the more teeth your chainrings have, the more resistance you as a female cyclist will get!  There are actually three main options when deciding to choose the perfect chain set and below in a listing format, we are going to go over those three, incredible options.

  • Compact: 50 tooth outer ring with 34 tooth inner ring. This is the most current option now, though the semi-compact with 52 teeth outer and 36 inners is also quite popular.
  • Standard Double: 53 tooth outer ring with 39 tooth inner ring. This will give you more resistance, so this would be perfect for a strong rider who is confident they can tackle the hills without the lower gear offered by a compact.
  • Triple: These use three rings and are often fitted to entry-level bikes, sizes vary but a mutual option would be a 30 tooth on the small ring, 39 in the middle and 50 on the outer. This will give you the same high resistance of the outer as the compact but with an extra small gear on the inside for climbing experiences.

Here is what to remember when getting ready to elect a great chain set.  If you know you find the hills rough and feel you need an extra small gear, a triple with a 30-tooth inner ring could very well make all the difference, and if you often find yourself wanting an extra gear to push a little bit harder, you may be better shifting up to a standard double.

Selecting Cassettes

Keep in mind that It’s much more common for people to change a cassette than it is to change a chain set.  It’s so much cheaper and a person can make a huge difference by altering the sizes of their cogs.  Please remember that when we talk about teeth on the cassette, the higher the number (and larger the cog) the easier it will be to spin up a hill.  When it comes to speed, cassettes can be 9, 10, 11 or 12 speeds.

The number has certainly grown over time, and will no doubt continue to do so because it refers to the number of sprockets which are available.  More sprockets mean that either a wider spread of gears can be offered, allowing for a very low resistance option, or they can be very close in size, which makes jumps less obvious.  A lot of female cyclists do not know that cassettes can be narrow or wide.  A narrow range cassette will have very small differences between each gear.  That means that it’s easy to slip between the gears and discover the perfect level of resistance.

A 11-23 cassette would be considered a narrow range and would be lovely for a racer who is self-assured on the climbs, or who plans to compete over a flat course and doesn’t want to feel a huge change in speed when they shift down to a lower resistance.  Now, when it comes to a wide range cassette, such as a 11-32, this will provide a much lower gear, so if you were going from riding around the flat lands, and then switch up to a mountainous area, you might want to consider getting yourself a new cassette to help your outcome riding out of the mountains.

What Kind of Clothes to Purchase?

As broad of a question as this is, the type of clothing that you pick out will definitely impact the severity of your ride and you must remember that you are out on the highway where there are motorcars.  You will absolutely not want to wear baggy clothing or clothing that doesn’t have neon colors, and or reflectors somewhere on the attire.  As a female cyclist myself, what I would recommend you wear is spandex and a nice, high support running shoe of your choosing.  By wearing spandex, you do not have to worry about extra pieces of material in your way, getting caught up in the spokes of your bike.  That could absolutely cause a crash and you do not have time for that riding out on the highway.  It could literally be a matter of life and death.  Here are some amazing sites that you can take a look at when deciding what types of clothing to buy for your road cycling experience.