How to develop skills as a beginner mountain biker


Mountain biking for a lot of women is a sport in which they can gain both physical and mental strength over time.  There are rough terrains ahead, which help to strengthen the body and if you’re a woman who loves to exercise and mix cycling in, then mountain biking is more than likely your favorite pastime.  Between the beautiful and clear fresh mountain air, to all the core exercise you can obtain from mountain biking, this sport is an excellent choice for almost all persons, not only women.  Some of you ladies may wonder what is needed to develop great skills as a beginner mountain biker and today, we are going to be going over a few of those top tips.

Track Stand

This is an amazing move when it comes to mountain biking because this specific technique is used to maintain balance while the bicycle remains stationary or will move only at a minimal distance.  If you’re interested in going mountain bike riding, then you will need to practice performing a track stand and make sure that you’re quite skilled at it.  In order to perform a track stand, a cyclist holds the cranks in an approximately a horizontal position with the front wheel directed to the left or right, pedals forward, and back in the case of a fixed-gear bicycle, which the directed front wheel converts into a side-to-side motion.  Track stands will come in handy when you’re up high on a lot of rougher terrain because we all know that when engaging in mountain biking, it’s important to always keep your balance.

Tight Turns

This is a type of mountain bike technique that you need to get under your belt when it comes to mountain biking because you must remember that when you’re up in the terrains of various mountains, there are going to be very sharp twists and turns.  Each time you run upon a tight turn, you cannot stop your bicycle, get off and push your bike around small boulders and corners of the mountain.

This is especially true if you’re riding with a group of people, not only will they know that you’re unprofessional, but you’re going to look so silly doing this.  Here is what I would recommend doing.  Take a few rocks that you find alongside the highway or your local rock query, take them out to an empty parking lot.  You will need to set up the rocks in a kind of like a snake outline, pretty close together and try making your bike turn throughout each rock.

Remember, most of this type of routine isn’t going to be using your pedal.  You will be standing up on the bicycle, making the first and back tire jump, as you twist the handlebars.  Yes, you will need to slightly pedal, but not as if you’re just straight riding.

Ratcheting the Pedals

This technique can be useful when you are going through a rock garden with rocks high enough that a full pedal stroke would strike the rocks and send you off your balance and off your bike, if you are fording a stream and are trying not to get your feet wet, or if there is some other obstacle that you are trying to avoid.  Here are the specific steps involved when learning how to ratchet the pedals.

As you approach the obstacle in question, choose your line and the amount of speed you want to take in (if you have a choice).  Note any rocks you might particularly want to avoid or note the depth of the water.  Get the cranks to 10 and 4. (Locations on the clock.)  When you reach the gnarly section (or water), make about a quarter of a pedal stroke without pushing all the way around. The cranks should end at about 9 and 3 or 8 and 2.  As you make each stroke, quickly backpedal to your previous position, and make the partial-stroke again.

Repeat as needed.  Keep in mind that these techniques I am showing you are just for “show” because as a female cyclist, it’s so important that you master each skill.  When you are out on the mountain riding with a group, or by yourself, it’s going to be too late and really, too dangerous to not be knowledgeable on how to execute this skill.  It could very well, save your life.

Front Wheel Lift

This type of skill will be used great if you’re on the trail, you run into a few small logs or a ditch.  You can simply lift up your front wheel, jump over it and move on, right?  Well, ladies, it does sound quite easy and it can be, it really can if you pay attention to the specific techniques used to accomplish the basic front wheel lift.

Approach at a slow to medium pace, standing up, with level pedals, bent elbows, and knees, looking ahead (basically a solid neutral position).  Use your upper body to compress the front end, bend your arms and let your elbows go out.  Spread your arms (shoulders go up) and then curve your elbows again to help pull the front wheel up.  Ladies, keep in mind that in terms of timing, the faster you enter, the sooner you need to initiate your move.

The slower you enter, the harder you might need to initiate your move because of the lack of drive. If you can get your front wheel onto the top of the log and then roll down the other side, you’ve made it. Start with small obstacles that are forgiving so that you can dial in your timing (and your technique) with a slight penalty for errors.

Eating A Great Diet

This is a vital thing to do, whether you are a female cyclist or not, but female cyclists need to always maintain a proper and healthy diet.  Why?  Well, what we place into our bodies are what we are.  Let me ask you a quick question.  Would you fill your car up with water and expect it to go?  No, it wouldn’t even leave the parking lot.  Well, that’s the same way it when it comes to what we put in our physical bodies.

Mountain biking is quite the strenuous workout and as a woman, it should be our main priority to have a great diet and not only for a phase in the working out journey but to maintain this good diet all throughout our lives.  We truly are what we eat.  If you’re putting in your body, a lot of salt and processed foods, what do you think will happen?  Your body may feel great for a while, but it will go down so easily after a few hours.  When you don’t replenish your body with what I call “real food” your body has nowhere else to go but down and that’s the last thing a woman needs while mountain biking.

There are a lot of rough terrains to endure while mountain biking and you have to take care of what goes into your vessel in order for that vessel to suitably work.  What types of foods would be essential when it comes to mountain biking?  That’s a wonderful question and below in listing format, we are going to be providing you with some amazing foods you’ll need when it comes to mountain biking.

  • Make sure you take a decent amount of carbohydrates such as pasta, bagels, or pancakes.
  • Eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, as this will help to replenish and clear your body out of any toxins.
  • Make sure you drink eight, 8ounce glasses of water seven days out of the week to help keep your body hydrated.
  • Make sure you add a lot of nuts and whole foods into your diet, as this will help not only to make you strong but help to maintain your optimal strength. You can also add red meat to your diet, but you don’t necessarily need to eat red meat every day, only a few times per week.

Exercise Weekly

As much as a woman’s schedule can become so hectic and busy throughout the week, and who knows you may not even be mountain biking every day.  You may only mountain bike on the weekends, which sounds quite normal for a lot of working families.  What I would like for you to focus on is trying to do some type of exercise each day, seven days out of the week.  Now, this doesn’t mean that you have to go out and get a gym membership, spend loads of money on workout gear and so forth.  You can find time to exercise freely in the comforts of your own home throughout the week.

There are tons of ways to stay fit without going to the gym because I know how difficult it can be with a demanding lifestyle and family to literally find the time to even breathe.  Take a few examples like this right fast.  Say, you’re standing in line at the grocery store and it’s quite the long line, you could do heel raises while you stand with your shopping cart.  When you get home, you can do squats as you wait for your dinner to finish cooking instead of flopping down on the couch for twenty or thirty minutes.

Think of it this way.  If you work out, even if it’s just a little bit throughout the week when the weekend comes and it’s time for you to go mountain biking, you will feel so much more physically motivated.  You’ve got to keep up with the game if you want to win, simple as that.  If you have two or three kids, how about getting them involved with a “fun” workout there at the home.  I mean come on, you’re already there throughout the week.  Why not make everyone feel better with some family time workouts?  If you have a backyard, you and the kids go out and run a few laps, playing “tag” or something fun that the kids will join in.  It’s important that you keep your body up and going in order to not only be successful in mountain biking but to have fun while doing it.  A strong body, as well mind will always come out winning.

How to Get Going?

I know that can a lot of the times, feel like the question of the century when it comes to maintaining a proper diet and the continuation of exercise.  I know it can feel impossible to do, especially with kids screaming and the office asking you to stay over.  Life happens, it absolutely does.  The best solution that I have for you is to literally get out there and GO!  If your kids are taking a screaming fit, while you stand there waiting on them, do a couple of heel raises.  Who knows, it may even help you to calm down a bit.  Carry a dumbbell inside your car and if you’re stuck in traffic, sit there and do reps on each arm.  There are so many ways to stay healthy and motivated!  You have to find the time, not only in life but more so inside your own heart.  If you don’t have the want to, the ideas and enthusiasm simply will not come.  Remember that.