How Dangerous Is Road Cycling?


Riding alongside the highway can definitely lead to some issues and challenges, but a trained road cyclist will know exactly how to handle each issue that comes to hand.  Each day you take your bicycle out on the highway, there will always be an uncertainty of life and death and that’s just the fact of the matter.  So, the question of the century is…How dangerous is road cycling?  That’s a pretty broad question and as broad as that is, will come with some wide-spread answers.  Each day, when it comes to road cycling will be different.  You will encounter different people, animals maybe, and even the weather.  All those factors play a part in if you’re going to have a safe day.  So, generally road cycling can be safe if you know how to navigate with appropriate clothing, hand signals, and knowing how to share the highway with motorcar operators.

Always Wear Protective Gear

When it comes to cycling, I absolutely cannot stress this enough that you need to be wearing the appropriate gear when riding.  Why would a person need to dress a specific way in order to ride out on the highway?  Well, keep in mind that a lot of people in their cars are not on the lookout for a road cyclist, so their vision becomes a bit tunneled.  You need to make sure that you have reflectors not only on your bicycle, but on your clothing as well.

Reflectors are extremely bright and will alert passing vehicles that you’re sharing the road as a cyclist.  Another thing that you could do to ensure safety while you ride on the highway is to always wear a helmet and that just isn’t to keep your head safe, remember that.  Others sharing the highway with you are ten times more receptive to pay attention to a cyclist with a helmet on because it’s noticeable rather than someone just out riding their bike with no helmet on.  I would highly advise you to purchase a neon color helmet, so you can make sure that people always know you’re sharing the highway with them.

Amazing Road Cycling Shoes

As a road cyclist, it’s important to remember that you’re going to need the appropriate shoes in order for the ride to go smoothly and below in a listing format, we are going to go over some of the top road cyclist shoes.

  • Shimano sh-rp2 Cycling Shoe: The SH-RP2’s closure system consists of a middle hook-and-loop strap that passes through a mid-foot D-ring for exceptional stability and adjustability while minimizing pressure points across the foot. Two additional hook-and-loop straps span the forefoot and top of the shoe to distribute pressure and customize the fit, while extra cushioning across the tongue minimizes pressure points for a comfortable ride.
  • Sidi Genius Fit: Sidi produces the world’s most popular selling cycling shoes, and the new Sidi Genius Fit Women’s Shoes are destined to be one of its most popular models. Similar to the Genius 5 Pro, the Fit uses the same design, only with both technology and material upgrades in a women’s-specific platform.  At the outsole, we find that Sidi went with its Millennium 4 Carbon Composite for the construction. If you’re familiar with Sidi, you’re certainly familiar with the Millennium 3 composite, and well, this replaces that iteration for pretty obvious reason. Designed with a nylon matrix that’s been injected with strands of carbon fiber it’s 37% stiffer than nylon alone.
  • Giro Raes Techlace: The fit owes its comfort to the Raes’ peculiar mash-up of closure technologies: the shoe features everything from the standard hook-and-loop to laces and a Boa L6 dial. The design may seem unnecessarily complicated, but anyone who has experience the indescribably painful hotspots caused by hammering for 60 miles in ill-fitting shoes will confirm that, when it comes to fit, the more engineered, the better.
  • Scott Road Rc Lady Shoe: Not only does the supple blend yield to the lumps and bumps along your feet, it breathes consistently while you work to help you stay cool and dry. As you’re driving watts into the pedals to stay with the pack through the grueling middle of the race, the Road RC’s unyielding carbon fiber sole, as stiff as its top-end men’s counterpart, will loyally transfer power without flex. And as you turn the pedals, customizable dual Boa dials keep your feet in place without a thought to slipping or pressure points.
  • Pearl Izumi Select Road Iv Cycling Shoe: The Select Road IV sports a Composite Power Plate with nylon forefoot insert for lightweight efficiency without making it punishingly stiff. Pearl rates this sole as a six in stiffness, meaning it’s plenty stiff for longer rides where energy conservation is key. The sole accommodates both three-bolt road and two-hole mountain bike cleats, giving you the leeway to ride these wherever you please. Inside the shoe, the Select foot bed provides arch and longitudinal support, so you won’t have to experience painful cramps.

Understanding the Health Benefits of Road Cycling

There are quite a lot of reasons as to why people suit up and take their bicycles out on the highway for a good run, but there are some amazing health reasons as to why cyclists engage in this so called, dangerous activity.

  • Improving Your Heart: There has been a current study gathered in Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise spent five years looking at the activity of 1,500 subjects. Those who were active on a daily foundation were 31% less likely to obtain high blood pressure.
  • Losing Your Fat: The constant motion of cycling will cause you to lose weight, which is fat.  Keep in mind that the more calories you burn, the more fat will tend to come off overtime.  That’s why so many people are taking up cycling nowadays.
  • Feeling Sexier: It’s a known fact that when people cycle on the daily basis, it will increase how they feel and view themselves.  If you think about it in a logical way, it does make sense because the more a person’s cycles, the more physical change will begin to develop throughout the body.  A survey of 600 men and women custom-built by The British Heart Foundation discovered that cyclists were viewed as being 13% more intellectual, as well cooler than most other people.  An enormous 23% said a cyclist would be their favored blind-date sportsperson.

A Few Tips to Follow

Here, I’m going to leave you with a few tips that you should follow as a road cyclist, no matter if you’re a beginner or on an advanced level.

  • Make Sure You Get the Correct Fit Bicycle: Work with a local bike shop to generate a faultless fit on your bike.  By doing this, you will evade back pain, as well wounds and progress performance over the long-term. Bike fits are exceedingly individual, but a good rule of thumb for figuring saddle height is for you to place a bare heel on the pedal and alter the saddle so that the knee is locked.
  • Bring A Repair Kit with You: Purchase a replacement tube from your local bike shop, cover it in baby powder (to make sure it slides into the bike tire in disasters), and place it in a plastic bag. Transmit a bike pump and a patch kit to evade getting stranded.
  • Locate Some Cycling Friends: One of the greatest ways to absorb road cycling is to ride with more skilled riders. There’s no extra for real-world instruction and most cyclists are content to educate new riders everything they know.

Always Carry Your ID with You:  Accidents will happen, and it’s a great idea to have some ID in case you become comatose or injured. Bring an old driver’s license, write some data on a piece of paper, or use a bracelet or anklet with contact evidence on it.  This is called a Road ID.