Cycling During Pregnancy: Is It Safe?


Pregnancy for most women is a time of great joy, contentment, and a time to bask in the pleasures of bringing forth a new life.  For women that cycle, the journey can be a little bit different.  Should a female cyclist continue to ride her bike during all the stages in her pregnancy?  Would it be safe for both mom and baby?  Those are all great questions that absolutely need to be answered if you’re a woman in which is expecting and loves to ride her bicycle.  Today, we are going to be looking at a few key points on if it’s safe or not to cycle during a pregnancy.

Understanding That Every Woman Is Different

Every woman is different during her pregnancy and every woman carries a baby quite differently.  If you are serious about the continuation of cycling while pregnant, what I would personally advise you to do is to speak with your doctor on your first baby appointment.  This will set the bar for you and your doctor on what you are planning to do.  It’s so important to always tell your doctor every activity that you are engaging in or plan on because according to your body, you may not be able to handle a specific activity and your doctor would be able to know that based on your history, vitals, and so forth.  The question of knowing if it’s safe to cycle during your pregnancy is quite the broad question because going back to square one; every woman is different.  For some women, it may be safe for them to cycle in their ninth month and then others may be advised to be on bedrest at month number seven.  It all depends on the history of the mom-to-be and how intense her pregnancy develops.

Learning to Listen to Your Body

This is a very important technique during a pregnancy because really, we are the ones which know our bodies the best, right?  Yes, doctors are a great leeway, but we as women know just how much our own bodies can truly handle.  You will definitely know when it’s time to slow down or not cycle at all.  Keep in mind that during the first trimester, your body is working extra hard to create the placenta.  Most women will tend to feel more tired during that trimester than the second and third, so a lot of women will tend to do more cycling during the second and third trimesters.  Always make sure that you get your doctor’s permission before you go out and ride, even if it’s just to the mailbox.

Ultimately, Is It Safe to Cycle While Pregnant?

As broad of a question as that is, I would have to say for the status quo, normal healthy woman, it is safe to cycle while pregnant.  Some experts will tell you that cycling in the third trimester isn’t very safe because your gravity may be a bit off and the risk of falling off your bike and injuring your baby do go up.  Then again, you must remember that every woman is different and not all women will carry like the other.

Like I’ve stated prior, you just must listen to your body’s alarms and if you begin to feel extra tired, don’t push it.  Believe me, there will be a time to “push”.  Am I right, or right?  Will there be any added benefits to cycling a regular pace while carrying your bundle of joy?  Yes, of course there will be amazing benefits to cycling while pregnant and below in a list format, we are going to provide a few of those amazing benefits out to you.

  • Cycling while you’re pregnant will help to keep all the muscles in your body super fit and we all know what this will do, right? When you are healthy and fit, chances are your delivery will go a lot smoother.  What mom to be doesn’t want a healthy labor and delivery?  That just comes with normality.  Make sure that you don’t overdo it and push your body too hard while cycling, as this will do harm not only to you, but to your child as well.

  • Cycling while you’re pregnant can help to calm the mind down and a lot of mothers-to-be wouldn’t think that having a calm and clear mind would benefit anything, but it does more good than what you think. There can be a lot of added stress during pregnancies and it’s always important to try and balance a healthy mind because when we are calm, we as women tend to get through life occurrences a lot better.  Cycling can help to release the endorphins in the female brain and when that happens, we as women tend to view things differently.  Think of it as kind of like taking a breather for the brain.  Cycling is constant movement and we must remember that any type of movement and exercise makes us all feel better.  By having a calmer mind, labor and delivery will go a lot smoother.  As a woman giving birth, you may even look at it as riding a bicycle or an ocean wave.  When we are in constant exercise, we tend to look at life a lot differently and will be able to handle life’s occurrences with a stronger mind, as well body.