5 Best Womens Beach Cruiser Bikes


When it comes to women’s bicycles, the selection of the perfect bike can be a bit overwhelming.  Let’s not forget that there is a bike for every situation and mood.  Some women love to ride in all weather conditions, rain, snow, and the hot blazing sun.  Then again, some women only want to take that casual ride after work in a less congested area.  When it comes to wanting to make a nice cruise on the beach with your bicycle, there are entirely a lot of choices out there to go with.  The question will ultimately boil down to…Which bicycle would fit my body?

What kind of cycling would be best for beach riding?  Those are all excellent questions!  Keep in mind that cruiser bikes are capable of coasting and will a lot of the times have coaster brakes, in which you pedal backward to stop the wheels.  These types of bikes have quite the full, comfortable seats, wide tires, and angled handlebars.  These kinds of cruiser bikes are perfect for taking a stroll on the beach.  Today, we are going to be introducing to you the five top, beach cruiser bikes for women.

Micargi Tahiti 7-Speed 24″ Cruiser Bike

This style of bike has been designed more for the shorter woman.  The Micargi Tahiti only has a wheel height of just twenty-four inches and will work best for the woman under 5’2.  Keep in mind that unlike most cruiser bicycles, this style of cruiser bike has hand brakes instead of coaster brakes.  This fantastic bike comes with a solid steel frame, but keep in mind that there is some assembling involved with the Micargi Tahiti.  Make sure if you do decide to purchase this cruiser bicycle, you are knowledgeable on how to put the bike together or know someone that can assemble the bike for you.

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Fito Modena II Shimano 7-Speed Cruiser

This fantastic style of cruiser bicycle is a twenty-six-inch bike and has been constructed to fit a lady in height ranging anywhere from 4’10 to 5’10.  This form of a bike is versatile in how it can provide such different sizes for women.  The Fito Modena comes in a very stylish feminine pink, steel frame with aluminum alloy rims.  Keep in mind that this beach cruiser bike has been fashioned with handle brakes and that’s unlike most beach cruisers.  What makes this bicycle so versatile?  Well, the fact that this bike comes with seven different speeds is fantastic, and it can fit up to one-foot height difference in women.

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Kulana Women’s Cruiser Bike

The Kulana bike is another twenty-six-inch bike and is noted for being the typical beach cruiser bicycle.  It comes with a fantastic, sky blue color, has coaster brakes, and a single-speed level.  This bike has a high reputation for riding very easy and smooth, which is what a lot of women want when deciding to ride alongside the ocean.  The frame of this bicycle has been constructed with the classic cruiser frame, an extra-large full seat, and a solid steel frame.  This would be the perfect starter bike for anyone just starting out riding beach cruiser bicycles, as the Kulana comes with a very decent price range.

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Huffy Lusso Women’s Cruiser Bike

The Huffy Lusso bicycle has been noted as the everlasting beach cruiser!  This fantastic bike comes with a color scheme which is flawless for women spending a lovely day at the beach!  The Huffy Lusso is a twenty-six-inch bike that has aluminum rims and a sturdy, steel frame.  Why do so many women love this style of beach cruiser?  That’s a great question and the answer as to why so many ladies adore this bike are because this bicycle has a very comfortable seat range and grips.  What doesn’t lady want to be comfortable while taking a perfect ride to the beach, right?  Another fantastic feature that comes with the Huffy Lusso is that it comes with a basket, cup holder, and a rear rack!  Talk about a perfect bike to take a ride on at the beach!

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Northwoods Pomona Women’s Cruiser Bike

This style of a bicycle has been constructed with the much less classic cruiser feel, but will still maintains the cruiser profile.  This bike comes with hand brakes, which is quite popular with a lot of women riders.  You can purchase the Northwoods Pomona in two colors; silver and green.  The Northwoods Pomona has a fantastic, durable steel frame and a twenty-six-inch wheel size.  This cruiser bike has seven speeds that you can shift to, which is quite wonderful when riding alongside the beach because you never know what you’re going to run upon while riding alongside the shoreline.  This bike has been noted as being a cross-over between a mountain bike and the typical cruiser.

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Things to Watch Out For

There will always be a couple of things to watch out for when it comes to purchasing a beach cruiser bicycle, and it’s essential that you’re aware of those things.

  • You will need to always check the weight limitations before purchasing ANY beach cruiser.
  • You need to make sure you know what size you will need before jumping right in and purchasing just any beach cruiser.
  • You need to make sure what kind of brakes you want. There are handle and coaster brakes, so you need to know which style would make you most comfortable.
  • Make sure you check to see if the beach cruiser has a solid, steel frame.